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About LaKota Products

Strategically placed throughout the mixed hardwood and pine forest of Inman, South Carolina, deer stands loom in the trees.

LaKota Products' parent company, TrueTimber, its founder and CEO, Rusty Sellars, captured the ground beneath his deer stand on camera and brought the photo to his fabric mill for printing. It was at that moment that Rusty, his wife Paige, and sons; Hunter and Cody made a commitment to build a company dedicated to creating the industry's most realistic camouflage patterns, using only the highest definition digital imagery available.

Today, TrueTimber products are sold in retailers across the world. It continues to be one of the fastest growing camouflage companies in the world with much more on the horizon.  

In 2018, TrueTimber launched LaKota Products as the primary manufacture and distributor of textile products, such as custom branded apparel, boat covers, and upholstery fabrics featuring the TrueTimber camo patterns.

In 2020, a worldwide pandemic caused unprecedented supply chain interruptions. Local, state, and federal agencies solicited emergency PPE assistance from the private business sector, including TrueTimber and LaKota Products. Lakota Products also began to develop, manufacture, and source recreational and safety components as countless product shortages were causing major negative impacts to every level of manufacturing and operations.

The growth of LaKota Products has been steady and consistent while at its core, the same resolute people remain. It is with humble hearts, that we continue to provide our customers with quality products and professional services.

We hope that we can serve you and your customers as we welcome you to experience the TrueTimber/Lakota Products culture and family atmosphere!

We are proud of our team, our accomplishments, and our customers. We are better and stronger together!

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